Who we are


Growing up on a farm, I spent a huge portion of my life outdoors. It wasn't until I left for university that I realized how much I missed the outdoors and at that point I became an avid camper and hiker.

While I have always been a bit of a minimalist, I have come to appreciate the importance of having good equipment. Outer Reaches was formed to help more people get outside.

As I started to build this business, my original interest was to find cool camping gadgets that are useful to all people without being 'gimicky'.  This initial focus has since expanded in a couple of ways. 

First, I needed to find a greater purpose with this business and to that end, I have decided to share my good fortune and help others. To this end, proceeds that are generated through Outer Reaches are directed to several grassroots organizations who make big differences in the lives of others. Find out more about how Outer Reaches is helping others.

Second, the cost of camping gear is a real obstacle that prevents people from enjoying the outdoors. So while my main focus for Outer Reaches will be on useful and interesting gadgets, I will also source mainstream outdoor equipment that is quality made and reasonably priced.

Third, I want to have fun with this business and intend to make the site playful and entertaining. I hope you enjoy your visit and I welcome your feedback.

All the best,